Membership Benefits

Membership of Workability International offers organisations around the world networking and development opportunities.

Workability serves as a global voice of service and direct employment providers, representing its members on an international, to governments, international institutions, allied organisations, policy makers, funders and the media.

Members are able to access business & services development, with supported cross-border joint business venture projects, twinning, mentoring, peer support and sponsorship arrangements.

At annual conferences and events, members can share their knowledge and experience in a safe environment, coordinate exchange and study visits and developing international best practice.

Workability also disseminates key information about employment for people with disability worldwide, such as:

  • trading & employment trends, drivers of change, barriers and opportunities in the global economy
  • best practices and strategic development
  • Government policies and funding regimes to support people with disabilities in work and employment
  • international developments and initiatives concerning the provision of work and employment
  • developing and implementing quality standards for delivering direct employment and support services
  • activities, challenges and solutions applied in countries around the world
  • the objectives, initiatives and developments initiated by international organisations representing disabled people