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About Workability

Workability International champions the right to work of any person who has a disability or is otherwise marginalized.

workability international

Workability International's member organisations believe that people with disabilities should have legal rights to equal opportunities and non-discrimination in all aspects of their lives. Only by providing practical opportunities for employment can we add weight and meaning to such rights.

Workability International encourages the sharing of expertise and resources between a world with diverse economic and social requirements.

We address this by:

  • facilitating international exchanges of information and ideas about jobs for people with disabilities;
  • promoting the full range of employment opportunities for people with disabilities;
  • promoting legal rights of people with disabilities; and
  • seeking to change government policies or decisions in relation to effective employment and/or rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

Member organisations:

  • Encourage personal development through opportunities for career advancement and the acquisition of occupational and life skills;
  • Promote the concept of self-determination in work and employment;
  • Are dedicated to best practice and high quality in employment activities, progression and transition services;
  • Actively seek to ensure a decent quality of life and a safe and inclusive working environment.