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Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation

BPF shares our common vision of that all persons with a disability have the opportunity to live their lives as self-relient, independent, and integrated into society.  BPFs main objective is to see that "The children with disabilities and disadvantaged are included in the mainstream societywith equal rights, opportunities and dignity within the protective environment."

Community Based Rehab Programmes are in 6 different areas of Bangladesh, further strengthening their mission. Programmes vary from clinics and pre-school, inclusive education, to job placement and an Income Generating Program (IGA).

For more information visit:  http://www.bpfbd.com/  or http://facebook.com/BangladeshProtibondhiFoundationBpf



Do you know about ACHIEVE HUMAN SERVICES, INC. in Arizona USA?

Achieve Human Services

For over 50 years, ACHIEVE, a Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP), has been serving individuals with disabilities with housing opportunities, employment training and career opportunities. They have an outstanding vision of creating and expanding opportunities, and leading people with purpose.  This is done by treating all people with dignity and respect ina safe and secure environment.

Read More about ACHIEVE at: http://www.achievehs.org

   Achieve HS 2


Eloura Association in Australia is "making a difference to peoples lives."  provides quality  education and employment training to people with a disability in Cootamundra, Young, Temora, Harden Coleambally and surrounding districts.

The Elouera Special School has provided education to children in the area for over 40 years and more recently Elouera Industries, Elouera Laundry, Elouera Recycling and Elouera TT's Cafe have provided employment and training to adults with a disability.

Visit them at:  www.elouera-association.com




SOTEK Foundation. Created in 2004, this foundation in Finland targets services to the long-term unemployed, unemployed, immigrants, people with intellectual disabilities, and the vocational training of young people. To learn more, visit www.sotek.fi  {https://www.translate.google.com]


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